Java SE licensing changes

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This article describes the recent changes to the Java SE licensing and how they affect our environment in LSA.


Understand the recent changes to the Java SE licensing and how they affect our environment in LSA.


Java SE in LSA


Refer to the Oracle Java SE Licensing FAQ for more information.

Starting April 16, 2019, implemented changes to all future releases to Java SE, including Java 8 updates, as described in their FAQ. LSA Technology Services contacted ITS Software Services regarding the implications of the change, specifically in regards to the section "What about Java SE 8?" They subsequently had a call with Oracle for further clarification. In this call, Oracle confirmed that we will no longer be receiving free updates to Java 8 SE. Oracle indicated we basically had two options, and neither of them are ideal:

  • Switch to using OpenJDK or one of it's spin offs (such as Amazon Corretto which we'll get to later). Unfortunately, while advertised as a production-ready replacement, we do not have information regarding potential compatibility issues with the applications currently used in our environment.
  • Buy a commercial subscription to Java 8 SE. The subscription options do not mesh well with our environment. Such a subscription has the potential to be exceedingly expensive.

Given that both of our options aren't great, ITS Software Services is in the process of actively engaging teams and leadership within ITS to get more information on how to address this problem and has reached out to us for assistance in finding the best approach

How does this change affect us right now?

Our current Java SE 8 installations will no longer be receiving updates. While we can continue to use them as is, they will not be updated for any vulnerabilities, including those already identified.

We are working on making an Amazon Corretto package available in both our Windows and Mac environments. Corretto is advertised as a free, production-ready version of OpenJDK that can directly replace Java 8 SE.

What can we do to help?

ITS Software Services is requesting we gather information about potential compatibility issues with OpenJDK and existing applications that require Java. This feedback will directly help scope how we approach this issue going forward.

We are asking for help in both identifying applications that require Java which are in use in LSA, and identifying any compatibility issues with Amazon Corretto, our currently recommended OpenJDK replacement.

We have created a tracking spreadsheet to identify these applications and track compatibility issues with Corretto. Please help in adding any applications you know of in your areas to the tracking spreadsheet.

Application Compatibility Tracking

OpenJDK Application Testing Spreadsheet


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