BlueJeans for qualitative interviews

Setup for BlueJeans with Qualitative Interviews with Remote Subjects.


How do I use BlueJeans for interviewing and recording remote subjects?


Basic BlueJeans Call and Record Instructions.

BlueJeans Call Me Instructions.

To have the Subject answer a phone call:

To conduct calls to an external number for phone surveys, and record the calls (with informed consent once a connection is made, this project has had IRB approval). Be sure to inform subjects: "We are using a telephone service named BlueJeans to record the interview. Please press 1 when the automated voice calls you."

On your end, you need to have two devices connected on your end and use the "Switch to Phone" option on one of them. Two devices are needed on their end in order to make the "call me" work. The second device becomes a bridge. The second device must remain connected throughout the call though. "Call Me" is actually calling the remote guest.


  1. Create a BlueJeans meeting with advanced settings: Auto record & Start meeting without moderator.
  2. Call in to the BlueJeans meeting room (734.763.1841) on a telephone and put in the meeting ID.
  3. Join the same BlueJeans meeting on a laptop with Microphone & speakers muted.
  4. At top of screen next to the microphone icon, click the down arrow "Switch to phone."
  5. In drop down: Right tab: Call Me.
  6. Put the phone number of the person you need to call.
  7. When they answer, they will hear: "Welcome to BlueJeans Please press 1 to enter the meeting."




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