Editing your assignees in M-marketsite


As personnel shift, keeping an up to date assignees list in M-marketsite is critical. This article will walk you through editing your list.


M-marketsite website, commonly accessed via Wolverine Access, Faculty and Staff.


  1. Log in to M-marketsite as normal.
  2. Locate your name in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on it to access the drop down.
  3. Select View My Profile.
  4. In the left column of the new main section, find Default User Settings. Click to expand.
  5. Select Cart Assignees.
  6. Here, you can add Assignees via the Add Assignee.. button at the top, and edit existing Assignees via the buttons to the right of the list.

Additional notes

If you are only ordering for a single department or team, you may only have one assignee. In this case, you may want to set them as the Preferred assignee. This makes them the default assignee, though you may still change the assignee during the order process.


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