Omeka in 10 steps

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What is it?

Create complex narratives and share rich collections, adhering to Dublin Core standards with Omeka on your server, designed for scholars, museums, libraries, archives, and enthusiasts. Learn more about Omeka. LSA Web Hosting Services has the Omeka plugin available via the Softalicious interface.

Why use it?

Check out the use cases that Omeka shares.

What does it require to run at U-M for your own use?

You need to have a self administered cPanel Web Instance and you need to install the Omeka from the Educational area of Softaculous from that cPanel Instance.

  1. If you would like to try Omeka before installing on your own server, consider signing up for a free basic account at is web-publishing platform that allows anyone with an account to create or collaborate on a website to display collections and build digital exhibitions. With the Basic plan, you can experience Omeka’s administrative dashboard and try out fourteen plugins, including Exhibit Builder and Simple Pages.  For a comparison of the features of a hosted account at and an installation on your own servers, see the About page.  It’s a great way to see if the tool will work for you before you take on administration of a full web hosting system.
  2. The U-M Libraries also host Omeka collections and you may want to explore that option as well.

How to get it for your private use?

You can request a cPanel Web Hosting Instance by visiting the service page for LSA Web Hosting.

Watch a tutorial

Start with a plan

Omeka offers a framework for deciding how to organize your work.  See Planning Tips. Check out some online workshops.

Explore plugins

Document your administration work

Be sure to document your administration work to help with system troubleshooting when things may stop working as you expect.  It’s always better to keep a running list of your configurations, plugins and updates to refer back to.  Working in the web hosting environment doesn’t give development support so you want to have some background and details should you ever have to reach out to a more experienced developer for help.

Read and explore the documentation

Read and explore the documentation for developers.

Decide when to publish

You may keep your site private.  Collections can remain unpublished.


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Additional notes

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