Configuring MWireless on a Google Pixel phone

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How to configure MWireless on a Google Pixel phone


The Google Pixel operating system has an extra step necessary for MWireless configuration than what has been seen on previous Android devices. These steps outline how to configure MWireless on Google Pixel mobile devices.


Google Pixel mobile devices


  1. Navigate to "Settings" menu.
  2. Select "Wireless / Wi-Fi."
  3. After turning on Wi-Fi, connect to the MWireless network.
  4. Use the following settings:
    • PEAP Method — MSCHAP v2
    • Domain —
    • Username — U-M uniquename
    • Authentication — U-M Kerberos password

Additional notes

Steps above were adapted from following page, however the following page is for generic non-supported devices, and non-specific regarding Google Pixel -

Instructions for how to setup wifi on an Android phone or device

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