Mail missing from Google inbox


An email message I expected did not show up in my Inbox. Where did it go?

Google Mail can take longer than you might expect to arrive in your inbox, and this time can vary. If you are expecting a message, allow at least 15 minutes before you consider it missing.


  • Google Mail
  • U-M Google


  1. Check your Spam label.
    1. In the sidebar, click More (if necessary).
    2. Click Spam.
    3. Is your message there? Good; you can remove the label "Spam" and click "Not spam", if you wish.
  2. If your message is not in Spam, the next step is to check "All Mail."
    1. In the sidebar, click All Mail (that item should be just above "Spam").
    2. Is your message there, but missing the "Inbox" label? If so, you can select it and click "Move to Inbox."
  3. If your message was in "All Mail" without the "Inbox" label, you probably have a filter that is responsible. Check your filters ("Settings" > "Filters and Blocked Addresses") for the "Skip Inbox" directive. Edit or delete the offending filter.

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