SSC-HR-Mortgage Institution Information Request

Please use this form if you are a mortgage company, a lender, or a third party acting on behalf of a lender for mortgage purposes (e.g., Veri-tax, Equifax, Quicken Loans, etc.)

The Shared Services Center Verification of Employment service cannot answer the following questions due to company policy:

*Box 11 - Probability of Continued Employment
*Box 14 - If Overtime or Bonus is Applicable, Is Its Continuance Likely?
*Box 16 - Date of applicant's next pay increase
*Box 17 - Projected amount of next pay increase
*Box 24 - Reason for Leaving




Verification Options
Verification Options
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Please note: The Shared Services Center completes a digital version of the Fannie Mae form 1005. To decrease processing time, we do not include boxes 1-6 in our response.

Please allow up to five business days for processing your request. We appreciate your patience.

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