Please use this form if you are a background screening company or a company looking for general employment verification not related to mortgage purposes (e.g., Sterling Talent Solutions, HireRight, Certiphi, Business Information Group, etc.)

Per policy, the SSC is unable to provide:

*Specific information on academic appointments
*U-M student verifications
*Evaluation questions
*Credentialing/Privileging Requests for Medical Staff
*Visa/Travel letters
*Verification of future employment not available in Wolverine Access
*Continuation of employment or future earnings
*Specific job descriptions or duties
*Reason for leaving or rehire status
*Information for University relationships that are: Affiliated, Sponsored Non-Employee Taxable Services, or PeoplePay
Requested Information
Requested Information
The full details of a ticket, including any appropriate circumstances or supplementary information that may aid in resolving it.
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