SSC - TeamDynamix Support

This form is intended for internal UHR/FIN/SSC staff to submit TeamDynamix support tickets.  If you are from another unit looking for TeamDynamix support, please contact ITS.

You'll be asked what kind of issue you're reporting:

  • Access (i.e. I have a new user!  I can’t log in! I don’t have access to the right ticketing application!)
    • Quick note - all changes to access will require supervisor or higher approval (unless submitted by Admin or Business Office)
  • Something's broken - Something isn’t working!
    • Ticket functionality (i.e. I can’t assign a ticket to a user!  I can’t apply a workflow!)
    • I’m getting an error message
  • I need something new
NOTE: If you're requesting a new form (or substantial changes to an existing form) in addition to workflow or automation, please be aware that we cannot start work on the workflow until the form is completed.  Once the workflow/automation is set up and initial changes are incorporated, we recommend freezing changes for at least 2 weeks so you have a clear understanding of what actually needs to change in the workflow.
  • Documentation/Training/Help Request
    • Please join our team for a huddle to walk through X
    • Please create a document walking through how to do X
    • I need a report for X, how can I create that?
  • General Questions
  • Other
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