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How to Add Voiceover Using Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editing app for desktop and mobile devices and is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. Edit video clips, add audio, adjust speed, correct color, clean up audio, customize transitions and animated tiles, and share videos anywhere.


The Video Editor in MiVideo does not have this capability. Instead use video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Rush, which is demonstrated in this article. See the Install and Activate Adobe Premiere Rush article for more information about obtaining this software. Other video editing software applications can also be used to add a voiceover track in a similar fashion.

Add Voiceover with Adobe Premier Rush

  1. Launch Adobe Premiere Rush
  2. Click the Create a New Project button
  3. Name your project In the bottom left 
  4. Locate the video you want to add voiceover by selecting the folder in the left navigation
  5. Click on the video
  6. Click the Create button in the bottom right
  7. After your project is loaded you will see the video in the preview monitor
  8. Click the Add Media (blue plus button) in the upper left
  9. Select Voiceover
  10. Move the blue playhead in the timeline to the position where the voiceover will be added
  11. Click the red record button in the audio track underneath the timeline
  12. After the 3 second countdown, begin speaking
  13. When finished, click the stop button in the audio track
  14. To adjust the volume of the voiceover track
    1. Select the voiceover track
    2. Click the Audio button on the right side
    3. Slide the Clip Volume to adjust the volume
  15. To adjust the audio level of the original clip in sync with the voice over
    1. Use the scissors button to split the video on either side of the voiceover
    2. Select the original audio track
    3. Click the Audio button on the right side
    4. Slide the Clip Volume to adjust the volume
  16. Continue editing the audio tracks as necessary utilizing the Premiere Rush User Guide
  17. Once you are finished, click the Share tab in the top left and highlight the Local tab
  18. Rename the video and select the save to location
  19. Click the Export button
    1. It may take a few minutes for the video to export as an MP4 file
  20. Once complete, preview your video
    1. The video can now be uploaded to MiVideo or used elsewhere

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How to Add Voiceover Using Adobe Premiere Rush

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