Slack: Managing the #general Channel in a Workspace


This article provides an overview of the #general channel in Slack (i.e., a default channel in a workspace to which all members are added).



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I have a #general channel in my Slack workspace from which I cannot delete or remove members. Why is this, and what can I do?


The #general channel in Slack workspaces is the default channel all members of a workspace are added to when joining for the first time. This channel cannot be deleted, and all members of the workspace will be added to it by default. Members cannot leave this channel, and Workspace Admins do not have the ability to remove them (without removing them from the entire workspace).

The #general channel can be renamed. If a channel is not named "#general" but displays the same behavior as stated above, it is likely the #general channel that has been renamed. You can confirm this by trying to leave the channel (i.e., right-click on the channel name, and select Leave channel). When you do so, the following message will appear if it is the #general channel: "Membership is required in #general: Every workspace has one channel that contains all the members of this workspace — this is that channel for you."

It is recommended that the #general channel maintains a naming convention that identifies it as the #general channel and that its purpose aligns with something where everyone is a member of the channel. (Examples include an announcements channel or an emergency alert channel). ITS will not be able to remove the channel on your behalf or delete the pre-existing messages of that channel.

Additionally, the #general channel cannot be shared to other U-M Slack workspaces as a multi-workspace channel. Nor can it be shared with other external/non-UM Slack workspaces via Slack Connect.

Learn more about Slack #general channels.

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