Zoom Rooms Upgrade 2/26/2022


An overview of changes and updates to the Zoom Rooms service and offerings as of 2/26/22.



Zoom Rooms


Announcements and updates to the U-M Zoom Rooms offerings and services as of 2/26/2022.


Service Updates

Annual license auto-renewal set for March

  • A reminder will be sent to your Zoom Room billing contacts next week regarding the auto-renewal of Zoom Rooms licenses for the following 12 month period
  • Billing will be automatically processed in late March to the shortcode originally used
  • Please let us know by March 18th via a service ticket if your shortcode should be changed

Automated device status notifications - Issue resolved

  • The Support Contacts on record for active Zoom Rooms have been receiving automated email notifications alerting to a change of status for your Zoom Room hardware (e.g. “Zoom room is offline”)
  • These alerts do not always need to trigger action, but you may find it useful to be aware that some change of status has been detected. Some alerts will come as no surprise (i.e. known power outage or network issue), while others may pique your interest enough to proactively check and ensure the ongoing readiness of your hardware
  • Note: All Zoom Rooms are scheduled to reboot weekly on Saturday morning. You may receive status notifications for that scheduled reboot
  • If you still need any assistance after an initial triage of the hardware, feel free to contact us by submitting a U-M Zoom Rooms request ticket
  • An issue was discovered that was preventing some support contacts from receiving room status notifications (e.g. room offline) 
    • This would occur when a room name was changed, but this issue has been resolved and changes will now be synchronized with the alert system automatically

Zoom Rooms info tool - Issue resolved

  • An issue was discovered in the Zoom Room info tool that was causing inaccuracy with meeting counts. This has been resolved.

Notable Vendor Updates

The updates below will be pushed to your devices on Saturday, February 26th at 11pm.

Please help socialize this new interface with users prior to the update.

Poly Firmware

  • 3.9.1 - Fixes the known issue with the E70 camera when paired with a G7500 system and has a physically inverted configuration

Zoom Room Appliance Software

  • 5.9.3 - Resolves minor bug fixes, but also introduces a new user interface for the touch panel controller
    • This change only affects the main screen
    • The interface during a meeting is unchanged
    • The new interface merges several screens from the prior interface so that users have more direct access to the features they need
    • The new interface also more directly mimics the Zoom app on the computer

Additional Information

 U-M Zoom Rooms Service Website

Get help with your Zoom Room by submitting a U-M Zoom Rooms request ticket.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.



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