Remove Yourself as a Website Owner from a PTS group or MCommunity Group



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I want to stop receiving emails about updating or modifying a website, or add someone else who will receive these.


All websites that are hosted on ITS AFS will have an AFS PTS Group that provides a list of uniqnames of individuals who have access to upgrade a specific website. Some websites will also have an MCommunity group with members who have access to update the website.

Caution: Some AFS PTS Groups control access to multiple websites. By removing an individual from a PTS group may remove their capability to update other websites.. 

Update the membership of your website’s MCommunity group

Update the membership of your website’s PTS group

See Managing Access to AFS Group Directories for Web Sites.

  1. Go to https://your-website/cgi-bin/host to get the DocumentRoot directory for your website.
  2. Log in to the ITS Login Service using SSH.
  3. Run the command: cd /path/to/your/website/documentroot
    1. For example: cd /afs/
  4. Run the following command to see which people and groups have write access: fs listacl
  5. In the output, look for any entry that says “rlidw” (it may have a “k” or “ka” on the end)
    1. This is the name of the group that has the ability to modify the website
    2. Members of this group will receive emails from ITS
  • Use the following command to see who is currently a member of the group: pts membership NAME_OF_GROUP
  • Use the following command to remove people from the group: pts removeuser PERSON NAME_OF_GROUP
  • Use the following command to add people to the group: pts adduser PERSON NAME_OF_GROUP

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.



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