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Teachers are being prompted via a pop-up to choose a Quiz Engine when creating a new quiz in their course.


What is this Quiz Engine pop-up?

The New Quizzes feature was enabled in December 2021 for all courses in Canvas.

Teachers will be prompted via a pop-up to select a Quiz Engine every time they create a new quiz. Teachers will need to select an engine before proceeding.

Screenshot showing the choice in quiz engines

Note: Courses can have a mix of both Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes.

Check the box “Remember my choice for this course” to prevent the pop-up from appearing again. Canvas will remember the teacher’s selection and automatically launch the preferred quiz engine when creating a new quiz.

Why don't I see the popup and how can I enable it?

If a teacher checks the box “Remember my choice...” and later changes their mind (e.g. the teacher chose Classic Quizzes but now wants to create a New Quizzes quiz), navigate to Quizzes, click the three dots in the upper right, and select “Reset quiz engine choice”. 

How do I decide which engine to use?

Before selecting a quiz engine, teachers should be aware of the differences between the two engines, see the New Quizzes Feature Comparison chart.

What is the next step in the New Quizzes migration timeline?

Teachers can continue to use Classic Quizzes until the ability to do so ends, check the ITS-Canvas Migration Timeline for specific dates.

Before Classic Quizzes can be retired, Classic Quizzes quizzes will need to be migrated to New Quizzes quizzes. See the ITS-Canvas Migration Timeline for more milestones in the migration project.

In late December 2021, Instructure released a mass migration tool in our test environment ( which teachers have access to. See Instructure’s blog post regarding Migrating to New Quizzes Capability Coming to Beta. The mass migration tool will be released in the production instance in the future, check the ITS-Canvas Migration Timeline for specific dates.

Warning: Before migrating, teachers should be aware of the features that New Quizzes does not yet support, see the New Quizzes Feature Comparison chart.

How can teachers learn more about New Quizzes?

Instructure Guides to creating a New Quizzes quiz

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center



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