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This article provides context to the following Zoom message you may see when joining a meeting: "Apps have real-time access to your information in this meeting."



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I got the following notification when I joined a Zoom meeting: "Apps have real-time access to your information in this meeting." When I click on it, I notice "Apps with Real-Time Access" and a list of apps. What is this, and should I be concerned?


This is called the Active Apps Notifier. The Active Apps Notifier informs all participants in a Zoom meeting of any third-party apps that may have access to data in the meeting based on the apps installed on the host's account (or are installed by the managers of the Zoom instance of which the host is a member). Learn more about the Active Apps Notifier from Zoom.

  • All apps that the host or the managers of the Zoom instance of which the host is a member (e.g., U-M Zoom) have installed will appear here, even if the host isn't using the app in the meeting
  • Apps that participants in the meeting are specifically using in that meeting will also appear here

Zoom's justification for this feature is as follows:

We want to ensure our users are empowered to make informed decisions, in context, about if and how they participate in that collaboration, knowing that other users or account owners may choose to share user content and information with third-party apps.

Any meeting hosted by any member of U-M Zoom will show the following two apps, neither of which should be cause for concern:

  • LTI Pro: This is the app that is used to provide the integration between Zoom and Canvas. If a meeting is created through Canvas, the data listed below will be shared with LTI Pro. If the meeting is not created through Canvas, LTI Pro will not access any of your data from that meeting.
    • Your display name
    • Your email address, if logged in to Zoom
    • The time you joined the meeting
    • The time you left the meeting
    • The number of minutes you were in the meeting
    • How you responded to any non-anonymous polls (anonymous poll data is truly anonymous - your name and email are never attached to anonymous polls)
  • App by Zoom Developer: This is an app used internally by ITS only. This app will not access your data from any meetings unless the meeting was created by an ITS staff member using the "/zoom" command in U-M Slack.

Other apps may show in this list if the host is not a member of U-M Zoom and/or if any participants in the meeting (including, but not limited to, the host) are using any apps in that specific meeting. If you are concerned about a specific app that you are seeing in this list, contact the ITS Service Center for assistance.

Additional Information

This is a feature released by Zoom on 6/14/2021.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.



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