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MiWorkspace macOS


How to upgrade a MiWorkspace Mac


Operating system (OS) updates are available through the Managed Software Center as an optional upgrade.

Note: Apple Silicon systems require admin rights to install updates.
Normally, MiWorkspace updates do not require administrator privileges, however, this is a new Apple requirement built into the operating system. If you do not have administrator privileges on your MiWorkspace device, please contact the ITS Service Center when you are ready to upgrade and they will be able to remotely enter administrator credentials to initiate the process.

Prior to installing the new OS

Note: Verify that you have opened the Managed Software Center and not the App Store.

  • Plug in your computer to a power source
  • Connect your computer to a wired internet network (recommended)
  • Make sure your hard drive has 50GB of free space available. To view the available free space on your computer, click the Apple menu (top-left) and select About this Mac Then, click the Storage tab in the window that displays
  • Set aside at least an hour for the installation to run. Your computer will be unavailable while you upgrade to the new operating system

Install the new OS

  1. Click the block M in the menu bar, and then click Managed Software Center
  2. Click the Updates button
  3. In the Other available updates section, you will see an Install macOS [current version] item. Or, alternatively, use the search field to find the update

Note: If you don’t see Install macOS [current version] listed, your Mac may not be compatible with [current version] .  Please contact the ITS Service Center for assistance.

  1. Click Update (or the plus symbol) next to it in order to add it to your updates
  2. Click Update All

What happens next

  • After Managed Software Center finishes, the Install macOS [current version]  tool will launch
    • If you need to restart the installation, or it does not start automatically, you can find the Install macOS [current version]  item in your Applications folder and manually launch it
  • Proceed through the macOS install assistant. You will be prompted for an administrator account
    • If you have administrator privileges on your computer, log in with your uniqname and U-M password. If you do not have administrator privileges on your MiWorkspace computer, please contact the ITS Service Center at prompt 4 for assistance
  • Your computer will restart after several minutes. Enter your password, if prompted, to continue the installation

After the OS is installed

  • Your computer will reboot. Log in normally when prompted 
  • Managed Software Center may launch shortly after you log in and may run for an extended time to upgrade applications to [current version] -compatible versions. It is important you install all updates (restart may be required)
  • You may see a number of prompts to approve application notifications on your Mac after logging in
  • You may have a Relocated Items shortcut on your desktop
  • The Block M menu bar icon for the MiWorkspace Helper Tool will now appear either solid black or white to accommodate the new color theme of [current version] 

Additional Information


Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.



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