Resolve Missing Data in Otto Due to Failure to Run Health Check



MiWorkspace and PAAS Windows computers, Unit IT


  • Data about a Windows computer is missing from Chronicle, Otto, or TeamDynamix
  • The computer may not show up when mentioning it to Clippy in Slack
  • Computer might have very old Last CheckIn date


The Windows System Health Check application submits data to Chronicle, Otto, and TeamDynamix. If those sources have not been updated recently with system information, you can run Health Check manually:

  • Open TaskScheduler
  • Click Task Scheduler Library in the column on the left 
  • Right click on MWS System Health Check and select Run

If the system has been offline for a long time, this may take several minutes to complete.

Additional Information

Logs for System Health Check can be found at 


Reading the log with cmtrace will allow observation while the process is ongoing to see any errors in real time. The System Health Check should conclude with "WindowsSystemInfo entry saved" which means the data was sent to Chronicle, Otto, and TeamDynamix.



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Tue 2/23/21 12:27 PM
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