Looking up a User's Group(s) in TeamDynamix


Non-admins cannot look up all the groups a user is in. Using search or MCommunity, it's possible to find single groups that a user is a member of.





How to find what groups a user is in in TeamDynamix.


It is not possible for TDX users who are not TDX admins to get a complete list of groups for most users.  Here are ways TDX users can determine one group for a particular user.  

Use the Lookup within the Ticket Create function

  1. TeamDynamix.umich.edu -> Users -> ITS Tickets Tab (or whichever ticketing app in which you need to find a user's group)
  2. New -> Request
  3. Responsible -> Update this field with the person whose groups you want to see
  4. Click the Blue Person Icon (next to the Responsible field label) to open a new window of this person's assignments
  5. See the list of groups for this person in the box on the right of the "Assignments" window
  6. Close the Assignments window, close the Ticket WITHOUT SAVING. 

Filter for other tickets that person may have been responsible for 

  1. Open ITS Tickets and click a ticket classification along the left of the screen (Incidents, Problems, etc.) that the user would have tickets in.
  2. Click the green filter icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Under "Primary Responsibility" add the user you are looking for.
  4. Check "Include completed ticket tasks" box.
  5. Click Apply near the top.

It should show tickets that the user closed. If the ticket was assigned to a group first, and not directly to the user, the "Pri Resp" field should show a group the user is in, along with the user's name.


  1. Type in an email group name or type a keyword that is likely to be part of the group name.
  2. Click Members
  3. Find the user in question to confirm that they are in that group.  (Some email groups hide the members.)

Additional Information

For assistance, submit a request here: ITS-TeamDynamix Support.



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