Print Queue Name Labels


MiWorkspace and Campus Computing Sites MPrint printers, Windows


How do I print queue name labels for MiWorkspace and Campus Computing Sites printers?


Note: This application only works on Windows.

Supported Brother Label printers: Brother P-Touch D600, 2730

  1. Connect the label printer to the computer via the USB cable
  2. Navigate to \\\its-files\Support Services\Printing\Support Staff\Print Queue Label Generator
  3. Install the client component by right-clicking on the bcciw31004.msi  and select Install
  4. Next, install the application by double-clicking on the Print Queue Label Generator.application file
  5. Select the list of queues you would like to search for
  6. Search for queues by clicking on the drop-down arrow or typing the name of a print queue in the search box
  7. Click the Print button to print the label

Additional Information

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