Determining Cisco AnyConnect Management Tunnel Connection Status


MWS Windows11


On Windows 11, it can be difficult to determine the connection status of the Cisco AnyConnect Management Tunnel VPN. 


To determine the connection state, do one of the following.  It's not necessary to launch the Cisco VPN UI (vpnui.exe)

  1. Open a command prompt 
  2. Enter cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client\"
  3. vpncli.exe stats

Included in the output will be the state of the Management Tunnel.  

Screenshot of a command line window showing the AnyConnect Management Tunnel connected

The command will output the management tunnel status. A second way to retrieve this information is to:

  1. Open a Windows Terminal window
  2. Enter Get-NetAdapter -InterfaceDescription Cisco* | Select InterfaceDescription,Status


Screenshot of a terminal window showing the Management Tunnel connected.  The Status field reads as "Up", indicating a successful connection.

Additional Information

For specific information on what goes over the management tunnel, please see the related article 'Resolving Network Device Accessibility After Windows 11 Upgrade'


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