TeamDynamix Admins: iPaaS Modifying Ticket Information with JSON


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Provides an explanation of how to use iPaaS in your TeamDynamix ticketing application workflows.


How to use

We recommend testing your workflows in the Sandbox environment.

  1. From within a TeamDynamix workflow, create a new step with the type ‘TeamDynamix iPaaS'.
  2. Name the workflow step. The name can indicate what the step does.
  3. Choose flow:modify_ticket in the iPaaS Flow field.
  4. Choose Latest Published Version in the iPaaS Flow Version field.
  5. Add appropriate JSON in the Additional Arguments field.
    1. See example code snippets below for acceptable values for the Additional Arguments JSON field.
  6. Check the Wait for Results checkbox.
  7. Click the Add Result button and type ‘FlowFailure’ in the Result field that appears.
    1. This will allow for additional logic to be built into the workflow if the iPaaS flow fails either because the passed status couldn’t be found or a passed user could not be added as a contact.
  8. Save the workflow step and connect it in the workflow.
Important: Do not connect this flow directly to another call of this flow. It will fail. There must be a different flow or step type between calls of this flow, or a timer.

Order of operations of the flow:modify_ticket

JSON values can be in any order. The flow will modify the ticket in the following order:

  1. Status, hold and title (a single action) 
  2. Add contacts
  3. Add feed comments and notify (a single action)
  4. Modify responsible group or person

Accepted value details for flow:modify_ticket

Value name Acceptable value details


Any acceptable text for ticket title. Use {{FieldName}} or {{AttributeID}} to add a field name or field attribute to the title. Do not use spaces inside the tags.


Any active status from the application that the ticket resides in. Statuses of class ‘on hold’ should also specify the ‘hold’ parameter


Number of days to place a ticket on hold. Note: This is calendar days, not business days, but will set the date to Monday if the last day falls on a weekend. If this property is not passed, ‘goesoffhold’ will be set to never.


Comma separated list of uniqnames, not email addresses or groups.


Comma-separated list of attributes that contain users to be added as contacts. These attributes must be of ‘person’ type and contain only a single person.


Adds a feed comment. Can accept {{FieldName}} or {{AttributeID}} attributes.


Comma-separated list of people to notify. Acceptable values are uniqnames, email addresses, TeamDynamix groups, built-in fields that contain email addresses, custom attribute IDs that return single email addresses.

Placing 'allcontacts' in the notify list will notify all contacts associated with the ticket.


Determines whether or not the feed comment is private. True makes the comment private. False makes the comment public.

responsible Modifies the responsible person for the ticket. Accepts uniqnames.
responsiblegroup Modifies the responsible group for the ticket. Accepts TDX group names.



Note:  Standard fields are case sensitive and derive from the API Documentation.

Set ticket title using ticket attributes.

(This example appends a custom ticket attribute to the current ticket title.)
{"title":"{{Title}} - {{01234}}"}

Set a ticket title, status, set the hold date to 5 days from today, and add contacts. 

{"status": "scheduled",
  "title": "new ticket title",
  "contacts": "uniqname1, uniqname2",
  "hold": "5"}

Set a ticket status.

{"status": "open"}

{"status": "scheduled",

Change a ticket title and add contacts.

{  "title": "a ticket title",
  "contacts": "uniqname1, uniqname2"}

{  "title": "{{Title}} - Urgent",
  "contacts": "uniqname1, uniqname2"}

Add a feed comment, make it public and send notification.

{"comment":"Update feed with this built-in field {{RequestorName}}, and a custom attribute {{12345}}.",
"notify":"uniqname, allcontacts, ITS-ServiceSupport, {{RequestorEmail}}"}

Additional Information

If the workflow fails, it should update the feed with "Failure" and then notify ITS.  Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here: ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

This is the first release of iPaaS to the U-M Community. We welcome feedback about this process or knowledge article.  



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