Remove MCommunity Sponsorship Administrator Access


M-Community, Online Access Request System (OARS)


  • How to remove an employee's MCommunity sponsorship administrator access?
  • How to request sponsorship admin access removal (as the sponsorship admin)?


  1. Go to OARS (
    • NOTE: Connecting to OARS requires a U-M network connection. If you're off campus, please connect to the U-M VPN.
  2. Select Request
  3. In User Information Type field, enter the uniqname of the employee you wish to remove access from and select the lookup button
  4. Under Add/Remove Roles, go to IAM / Two-Factor / MCommunity, then Sponsor System, then check the box for MC Sponsor Administrator (MC)
  5. Under Summary, select the drop down under Action and choose removal
  6. Under the Request Comments field, note why you need to remove the role and the departments you need them to be removed from
  7. Select Submit for Authorization

Additional Information

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