Enabling Location Permissions in Zoom Phone – Privacy Concerns

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Is it necessary to turn on Location Permission to use Zoom Phone?  

I am concerned about privacy and how my personal address is shared on the internet.


If you are *ever* going to use your Zoom Phone to call for emergency services, then it is necessary to turn it on for your personal safety.

Your emergency address is shared with your Zoom Phone administrator in ITS. ITS will NOT use that information in any way.

In the event of an emergency call, it may also be shared with the public safety answering point (for example, 9-1-1).  Emergency personnel will use the address only when responding to an emergency call made from the connected device.

Additional Information

ITS will not force you to turn on the Location Permission setting or require you to use that feature on your Zoom Phone.  We strongly encourage you to turn it on for your safety and peace of mind in the event of an emergency.  It is ITS intent to maintain personal privacy and security across our services. The Zoom Phone contract has that stipulation in place. 

If you need information on how to enable Location Permissions with Zoom phone on your computer, see Zoom Phone and 911 Location Information


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