TeamDynamix Upgrade 11.5 8/6/2022




TeamDynamix version 11.5 will be released during summer, 2022.  Impacts and new and changed features are now available.


Upgrade Outage and Impacts

  • Converge Roadmap, Tuesday, May 24
  • Sandbox 2 will be refreshed on Thursday, June 2, 2022
  • Sandbox will be refreshed Friday, June 3
  • Preview environment will be available July 26, 2022
  • Preview Webinar July 27th, 2022
  • Release to production, Saturday, August 6, 2022


General Changes

Formatted Text Communications 

TeamDynamix now supports formatted text communications for inbound and outbound messages. Formatting in inbound emails is preserved and displayed in TDX in the Feed and in Ticket Descriptions. Technicians can use the same formatting when sending an update or feed comment.

Improved search in TDnext

A new search will be available on it's own tab. The item lookup box at the top of TDNext now supports search as well as ID-based lookup, This includes tickets, projects, issues, risks, tasks, assets, CIs, and client portal content

Filter on Services

The ticketing application setting to link a client portal to a ticketing application has been extended to apply to both the knowledge base and service lookups. The setting Related client portal for searching knowledge base and creating articles has been renamed to Related client portal application. It now applies to articles and services, and allows an "All client portals" option. 

Feed Filtering

Throughout the system, users can filter the Feed based on the type of feed entry. Feed entries are classified as either Edits, Status Changes, or Comments. Users can also search within the Feed to display matching results.

Request Service from Knowledge Base Article

Article editors can choose related services and determine which ones should be directly requestable from the article. The Related Article relationship on services and service offerings now also represents the related services and offerings for an article. When a service/offering is related, users will be able to request it directly from the article.

Scheduled Ticket Recurrence Options

Additional recurrence options have been added to Scheduled Tickets, allowing you more flexibility to define when your recurring ticket should be created. 

Scheduled Tickets Disabled in Sandbox

When the Sandbox environment is refreshed from Production, all scheduled tickets will be disabled. Ticket schedules created or edited in Sandbox after a refresh will still be functional. 

ASSET/CI Changes 

Related Articles for Assets and CIs

Users can define related knowledge base articles for the assets and configuration items that they manage. These relationships are viewable from both the article and the asset or CI.  


Item ID Display on CI List Pages

When assets, services and service offerings are included in a list of CIs, they will display with their asset, service or service offering ID rather than their CI ID. 


Set Form in Ticket, Asset and CI Imports

When performing a manual import of tickets, assets or CIs, you can now specify the form to use in the import template. The form validation is not applied during the import, but it will apply when a user next edits the item without them having to choose an appropriate form.


Admin Changes

Desktop Management

When administrators assign desktops to users, they can choose to link the desktop to the desktop template. Linked desktops cannot be changed by the user, and will automatically update for all users if the template is edited in TDAdmin

Asset and CI Lookup Custom Attributes

Administrators can create Asset Lookup and CI Lookup type custom attributes everywhere that custom attributes are supported. Asset and CI-type custom attributes allow basic filtering so that the list of Assets or CIs is relevant to the use of the attribute. 

Known Issues

- Reporting on Rich Text Description fields includes 'markup text'. As of 9/16 all issues with reporting on Descriptions that include rich text have been resolved with the exception of Descriptions that are READ ONY.  The work-around is for app admins to make the description NOT read only. When reporting on Projects and including the fields 'Description' and/or "Status Comments' - the formatting is removed from those fields in reports. When reporting on Ticket Description field 'mark up' text is displayed instead of the rich text (<Strong> etc). 

In Firefox -adding a URL link to a rich text field with additional text afterwards will extend the URL link to the text. Reported to Vendor 9/7. Work around is to use another browser, or add a space or two after the pasted URL, then back spacing. 



- RESOLVED 8/10/12 : Goes off Hold Date/Time Picker does not display when tickets set to on hold in Firefox browser Reported to vendor 8/9/22 5 PM

- RESOLVED 8/13/22: When creating a Service, the default Asset app is not consistently available as an option. This impacts TDX admins creating new services. 8/11 Vendor has advised this is a bug and they are investigating.

- RESOLVED 8/13/22: Comments are not required when updating a ticket Reported to vendor 8/9/22 2 PM

-  RESOLVED 8/13/22: Knowledge template not available for Editing Knowledge, only creating knowledge. Reported to vendor 8/9/22 5 PM.

- RESOLVED 8/13/22: Desktop Filters not working as expected (Impacts Admins ability to report on who has which Desktop)

-Resolved 8/20/22: Tickets created via email monitors with HTML formatting may not contain all info in ticket (Info is included in email).  Initial patch released 8/9/22 after end of business, additional patch released 8/10 @ 2:15, 3rd fix released 8/13. 8/15 Monitoring has shown this is still an issue, continue to work with vendor to resolve. 

- Resolved 8/27: Tickets submitted via forms with a default formatted description may not correctly format descriptions in the ticket; text is lumped together. Reported to vendor 8/15/22. It is a known issue and vendor is working on a fix.

- RESOLVED  9/3/22-  scanning the asset bar code to access the the asset in the mobile app is stuck in page loading. 

- Resolved 9/10/222  - Double Clicking Save after drafting a new Knowledge Article creates duplicate articles. Reported to vendor 9/5/22

- RESOLVED  9/15/22 Browser warning Because of your browser security settings, the editor is not able to access your clipboard directly when attempting to paste via right click - use CTRL+V to past (or CTRL +SHIFT+V to paste without formatting) Reported to vendor 8/10/22 2 PM

- Vendor clarification 8/22/22: Remove format button in rich text fields is not working. Reported to vendor 8/18/22 4:30PM - Vendor advised removing formatting is working as correctly. Some formatting is in the form of "Paragraph" format, to remove that,To remove a paragraph format, you need to start by putting your cursor where the text is. At that point, you'll notice that the "Format" dropdown in the upper left has changed to now say "Heading 1" or something similar, If you click that dropdown and deselect "Heading 1" it will removing the heading paragraph format.


Classified as Enhancements 

- Reporting on Knowledge Feedback returns feedback from all Client Portals.The vendor has advised this is working as designed and a solution may be forthcoming as an enhancement. 

-Searching for a Knowledge Article by article number does not return that article in the new TDnext search. 8/9 The vendor has advised this is working as designed and a solution may be forthcoming as an enhancement. 

- URLs in response templates are truncated when used in a ticket and sent in the notification. Reported to vendor 8/18/22 4:30PM 8/22 vendor advised this is now working s designed and this is an enhancement request. 

- Global search returns all tasks for those with PPM access and analysis access (expected to only return tasks related to projects to which a person is permitted)


Additional Information

If you find any bugs, or have questions about the preview environment, please contact the Service Support Team using this form:

Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here ITS-TeamDynamix Support.


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