Services Received for Sponsored Uniqnames


 Sponsorship (MCommunity Sponsorship)


What services do sponsored affiliates receive?


Departments and units can sponsor accounts for people who have a relationship to U-M. Most often these are individuals who are not faculty, staff, students, retirees, or alumni.

  • Departmental sponsorship administrators set up the sponsorship using the MCommunity Sponsor System
  • Services are provided for affiliates based on the reason the sponsor administrator chooses in the Sponsor System when creating the uniqname

Incoming faculty/staff, Temporary Staff, Contractors, Academic Affiliates, Other University Affiliates 

Provided Services

  • Campus Computing Sites - workstation access
  • Dropbox
  • Google (including Gmail, Calendar, and Google Classroom)
    • Note: Michigan Medicine Sponsorships do not receive Google services automatically
  • Limited Virtual Sites software (no academic license titles)
  • MCommunity
  • MWireless
  • Office 365
  • Slack
  • Wolverine Access
  • U-M Zoom
  • VPN
  • Qualtrics

On-Request Services

A number of other U-M IT Services are available on request. Approval, billing arrangements, required training, or other conditions may apply. Examples:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud - sponsored affiliates can request access to Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • AFS
  • Canvas
  • Google for Michigan Medicine sponsored accounts
  • High performance computing services
  • My LINC access
    MPathways administrative systems: eResearch, Financials, Human Resources, Student administration
  • Printing
  • U-M SignNow Electronic Signature
  • TeamDynamix
  • ResponsiBlue

Additional Account Details

  • Receive a regular uniqname and UMID
  • Required to use Duo two-factor authentication
  • Sponsorships expire and must be renewed to maintain services
  • Regular uniqnames can be reactivated in the future (e.g., if after the sponsorship ends and the person is hired into a regular job)
    • Any terminated services, such as email, cannot be restored

Short-term Guests, Conference/Program Participants

Provided Services

  • Google (including Gmail, Calendar and Google Classroom)
  • Canvas
  • MCommunity
  • MWireless
  • Campus Computing Workstation access

Notable Limitations

  • Can attend but not host U-M Zoom meetings
    • The meeting host must not require U-M authentication if those with temporary uniqnames will attend
  • Cannot log into:
    • Wolverine Access, and University MPathways administrative systems
    • DropBox, Office365, Slack
    • Software through Virtual Sites
    • Many other U-M IT services

Additional Account Details

  • These temporary accounts require less information to create
  • Receive a temporary uniqname like um123456 and no UMID
  • Not required to use Duo two-factor authentication
  • Accounts can be created in bulk
  • Never renewable

Additional Information

  • Avoid use of "Long-term Guests" option in the sponsor system, for most cases
    • No longer recommended for common use
    • This option may be substantially changed in the future
    • Useful only for some specific cases (e.g. some test accounts)
    • Only choose this reason after consultation with ITS
  • Additional documentation: MCommunity Sponsorship 
  • There is no grace-period access for services for Sponsored Affiliates. Sponsored affiliates are immediately removed from MCommunity and all groups when their sponsorship ends (unless they have another role) and they are unable to login
  • Adding a new sponsorship reason to an existing uniqname will not change the services provided
  • Access to Library services and databases varies; contact the Library for assistance

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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