Edit an MCommunity Sponsorship


MCommunity Sponsorship Administration


Need to make changes to a sponsorship in MCommunity? Here's a quick guide on how to edit or modify an existing sponsorship.


Use the instructions for editing an MCommunity sponsorship.

Additional Information

There is no way to correct the department or the type of sponsorship after it has been submitted. The sponsorship will have to be ended and re-done under the correct department/type.

  • For weak identity sponsorships (Type 2 & 3 sponsorships that generate a UMID that starts with 99####) this means a new account will be generated
  • For strong identity sponsorships (Type 1 with a normal uniqname and UMID) the same UMID/Uniqname should be used for the new sponsorship 

You can view different types of Sponsorships here.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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