iPhone, iPad Has Blank Page or Will Not Connect to MSetup WiFi Network


iOS, U-M WiFi, WiFi Setup Tool (msetup.its.umich.edu)


  • Affects iPhone or iPad 
  • The last page of the wifi setup tool shows a blank page instead of completed setup information
  • iPhone will not connect to the MSetup WiFi network. It appears to connect, then redirects to the MSetup home page prompting you to choose Laptop/Phone/Tablet or Other Device - if you try to leave the page, it disconnects from the wifi network.


iOS 14 and up includes a Private Network settting called "MAC randomization." This means it creates a new unique MAC address for each network connection, which will NOT work for the WiFi network (SSID) named MSetup since it requires the MAC address to be registered. This can also cause issues (blank page at finish) when trying to use the WiFi Setup Tool.  To resolve, turn off MAC Randomization.

For devices that are connecting to the MSetup (IoT) WiFi network, please verify the correct MAC address is registered at msetup.its.umich.edu after turning off MAC randomization.

Disable MAC Randomization on iOS Devices

  1. Open the Settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, then tap Wi-Fi or WLAN
  2. Tap the information button (i) next to MWireless, Eduroam, or MSetup
  3. Turn off (uncheck) Private Address
  4. Re-join the network

Additional Information

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Tue 1/11/22 4:07 PM
Wed 8/24/22 7:19 PM