Requesting Targeted Email or Data Files for Research Purposes


U-M Targeted Email Service


U-M faculty, staff, and students may request targeted emails, or data files. When used for research recruitment or survey response, the requirements noted below apply.


When submitting your request for a targeted email or data file:

  • Attach a PDF of the IRB application and the IRB Approval or Exemption of the application
  • Include a PDF of your intended survey to your request for content review, if a survey link will be used in your targeted email
  • Provide Institutional Review Board documentation showing approval and IRB-approved detail as provided in Section 08-1 Subject Recruitment and 09 Survey Populations from the application. When applicable, it should include information about identifying characteristics, such as:
    • Age range
    • Gender
    • Ethnicity

Ensure your activities are compliant with U-M research policies: 

Additional Information

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