Duo Required for U-M VPN on September 14, 2021

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Cisco AnyConnect (VPN) / Two-Factor Duo


Duo to be required for U-M VPN September 14, 2021.


To provide additional security for U-M networks, Information and Technology Services (ITS) will require Duo two-factor for log in to the U-M VPN beginning on September 14, 2021. 

Update VPN connection now

  • For a personal computer or device. See the ITS VPN: Getting Started page for documentation and downloads
    • Mac users will need to download the Cisco AnyConnect client and a U-M profile
    • Windows users will continue to use the AnyConnect client and will need to download a new profile
    • Mobile devices. Download the Cisco AnyConnect app from your app store and follow the instructions at VPN: Getting Started
  • MiWorkspace computers will be updated for you. Watch for details from MiWorkspace about when this will happen and how to connect to the U-M VPN when it does
    • MiWorkspace Mac computers already have the Cisco AnyConnect app installed. Watch for communication from MiWorkspace with further details about using it
    • MiWorkspace Windows computers are equipped with an "always on" VPN-like client called DirectAccess. However, if you currently use the Cisco AnyConnect app for VPN, you will be prompted for Duo authentication after receiving the new profile

Auto downloads for Cisco AnyConnect users begin September 14

  • If you already use the Cisco AnyConnect client with the non-Duo profile, the updated VPN profile requiring Duo will download and update automatically for you the first time you connect to the U-M VPN on or after September 14. Once this happens, you will be required to use Duo when you log in to the VPN
  • Mac users who use the legacy connection method with the built-in Mac VPN connection will not receive the auto download

Duo required beginning September 14

The VPN connection method without Duo will remain available until September 14 to allow time to make the change. We encourage you to switch to the new method now so you are set up to use this more secure connection method.

Additional Information

An email with this information was sent to all customers who used the U-M Virtual Private Network (VPN) without Duo from one of their devices within the past 90 days. 

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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