Access to Self-Report Vaccination Survey from China


Qualtrics - Report Your COVID-19 Vaccination 

Self-Report COVID-19 Vaccination Survey


U-M community members currently residing in China may not be able to access the Qualtrics link to the self-report vaccination survey.


  1. To access the self-report vaccination survey link in Qualtrics from China, you will need to first connect to U-M resources via MLane 
    1. MLane is designed to only allow resources in the spirit of higher education
  2. See the following guide for how to configure MLane for each supported operating system: Connectivity from China (MLane)
  3. Once on MLane, you should be able to successfully open the self-report vaccination survey


If you are unable to access the vaccination survey via MLane, please contact

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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