Save Box Comments on a File Before Migration to U-M Dropbox


U-M Box, U-M Dropbox, ITS Box-to-Dropbox Self-Service Migration tool


When migrating from U-M Box to U-M Dropbox using the ITS self-service migration tool, Box comments on files in Box will not migrate with the file. (This includes files such as Word documents or PDFs.) This poses a problem for those who rely on Box comments for real-time discussions that need to be saved to maintain data integrity during the migration.  


To preserve these Box comments, do the following before your migration begins (this can not be done after the migration):

  1. Go to U-M Box and open any document that has Box comments
  2. Create a separate page at the end of the document and title it something to signify it is a list of comments
  3. Copy all the comments from the right Comments sidebar
  4. Paste the comments into the new page you just created
  5. Save and upload the new version of the document

Additional Information

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Fri 6/11/21 11:36 AM
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