Most Common Issues With the Box-to-Dropbox Migration


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There are a few common issues people may encounter during their migration from U-M Box to U-M Dropbox.


You will likely encounter one, if not more, of the issues below during your migration from Box to Dropbox.

  1. External collaborations on files/folders will not migrate to Dropbox.

If you have shared Box files or folders with users outside of U-M (external), you’ll need to reshare once you migrate. You will be provided a list of all the external collaborations that could not be reshared and the file/folder path for each in your post-migration report.

Users outside U-M (external) who’ve shared Box files or folders with you will need to reshare them with you, as well. Either they will need to create a shared link and share it with you or you will need to create a personal Box account using a non-UMICH email address and ask them to reshare with that account.

  1. Only the files/folders you own will migrate to Dropbox.

Only those Box files and folders that you own will migrate to Dropbox. 

It may appear as though some files are missing when you review the files/folders that were migrated to U-M Dropbox because you will no longer have access to files shared with you and owned by others who have not migrated yet. 

Refer to Determining Ownership of Files in Box and Determine Files You Own In Box for more information on determining ownership. 

If you are a co-owner of a Box file or folder, those items will not move with you – neither will those that have been shared with you. 

This means you’ll need to wait until the owner migrates to U-M Dropbox. Once the owner migrates, the files/folders they own will be reshared with you automatically.

  1. When migrating your individual Box account, if you have sharing permissions set on a subfolder that are different from the parent folder, they will not migrate.

If the sharing permissions on a Box subfolder are different from the parent folder, the subfolder permissions will not transfer to Dropbox. This means users who have access to the Box subfolders may lose access once the migration occurs.

Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate the impact of this before you migrate. For more detailed information and workarounds, refer to Waterfall Permissions and Shared Folders - Box-to-Dropbox Migration.

Additional Information

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