I Didn't Migrate My U-M Box Account and Now It's Deactivated


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I didn't migrate my U-M Box account and now it's deactivated - what do I do to get my data migrated?


If you did not schedule to migrate your U-M Box account before your migration window closed and your account is now deactivated, you will have the option to extend your window. For more information on how to submit an extension request, refer to U-M Box Migration Window Time Frames and Extensions.

The first extension is 30 days. Additional extensions can be requested through the migration tool and each extension after the first 30 days is a 5-day extension.

It is important to remember that you may own files and folders that others are collaborating on. If they migrate first and you don't migrate until later, they will be without access until you move.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact your Unit Ambassador (or if you do not have one, the ITS Service Center).


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