Residence Hall Active Network Ports (Ethernet) and Hub Eligibility

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How do I connect multiple devices to Ethernet in my residence hall room/apartment?


For most residence halls, students who wish to have multiple devices connected using Ethernet (wired) will need to procure their own mini-hub or mini-switch (switchlet). Housing, residence halls, and front desk/community centers do not provide mini-hubs or switchlets. Students must purchase their own from the Tech Shop or an area retailer.

Note that routers or devices that broadcast are NOT allowed in residence halls (except Northwood IV and V).

Live Ethernet Jacks in Rooms (not Northwood)

Descriptions are approximate and not guaranteed

  • Oxford: 1 live port for Ethernet per room*, although some rooms have more
  • All other dorms1 live port for Ethernet per room*

*Per room meaning: 

  • Single room: (all beds and furniture inside single room) 1 live port total
  • One bedroom plus one common room: 1 live port
  • Two bedrooms no common room: 1 live port per bedroom
  • Two bedrooms (or more) with common room: 1 live port per bedroom, not likely any ports in common room

Cable Modems in Rooms (Northwood)

  • Each Northwood apartment is equipped with a cable modem that provides internet access. The cable modem also provides television service at Northwood I, II, IV, and V.
  • More information is available in the Northwood NetGuides

Additional Information

Please use the device manual, Google, or contact manufacturer's support for assistance with using mini-hubs or switchlets.  Each manufacturer has different requirements when connecting to the network.  Here are some suggestions based on manufacturer:

  • Netgear - Connect Ethernet cable to wall jack and port 4. Normal/Uplink button pushed IN!
  • Dlink - Connect Ethernet cable to wall jack and any port
  • SMC or Unicom - Plug in Ethernet cable to wall jack and any port

Routers or devices that broadcast are NOT allowed. See Be a Good WiFi Citizen for more information.

If you would like to purchase a hub or switchlet and need guidance, please contact the Tech Shop for more information:

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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