Box-to-Dropbox Permission Mapping


U-M Box, U-M Dropbox, Box-to-Dropbox self-service migration tool


Box has several permission levels that are not available in Dropbox. This article explains how those missing permission levels are mapped from Box to Dropbox.


The permissions will be mapped as follows:

U-M Box Permission Level U-M Dropbox Permission Level
Co-Owner Can edit
Editor Can edit

Can edit

Previewer-Uploader Can edit
Viewer Can view
Uploader Can edit

Additional Information

We are aware of issues that Uploader to Can edit may cause. This change will enable those who previously did not have view/edit access to view/edit the data. We will be contacting the users currently using the Uploader permissions to let them know that we will be automatically removing these permissions. They will be able to reestablish the permissions if desired.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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