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I have been using Zoom with Google (Calendar, Gmail) for some time, but I suddenly just got prompted to authorize the integration again. Why am I getting this prompt and what should I do?


Starting April 25, 2021, all users of the Zoom for GSuite add-on (the integration between Zoom and Google recommended for the U-M community) will be prompted to reauthorize the add-on the next time they use it:

  1. The next time you attempt to schedule a Zoom Meeting through Google Calendar, you will see a red Authorize alert next to the video conferencing section:
    Authorize alert (red circle with an i in it and the word Authorize) next to Zoom Meeting section of Google Calendar event
  2. Click Authorize
  3. Follow the prompts to allow the integration to access your Google account

Additional Information

  • Why do I need to reauthorize the add-on? Zoom is making a change to the permissions required by the add-on, which requires you to reauthorize the add-on with the new permissions in order to continue to use it. You will be asked to grant Zoom permission to access your Google Contacts; however, please note that despite this permission, Zoom WILL NOT access your Google Contacts because the feature that uses Google Contacts is not available on the U-M Zoom account.
  • Will I need to reauthorize the add-on every time I try to schedule a Zoom meeting? No, you will only need to reauthorize the add-on once.
  • What happens if I do not reauthorize the add-on? You must authorize the add-on in order to continue to use it. If you do not reauthorize it, you will not be able to schedule Zoom meetings through your Google Calendar or Gmail. You will continue to be prompted to authorize until you do so or until you uninstall the Zoom for GSuite add-on.
  • What if I do not want to provide this authorization? You may uninstall the Zoom for GSuite add-on so that Zoom no longer has permission to access your Google account. You will no longer be able to use the add-on to schedule Zoom meetings using Google Calendar or Gmail.
  • Why does Zoom need access to my contacts? The Contact feature is not currently available to U-M.
  • Should I re-authorize? Are there any security concerns or risks with this authorization? Authorizing this access is not a security risk. U-M has agreements with both Zoom and Google that protect U-M data. ITS has evaluated the Zoom for GSuite add-on from a security perspective and approved its use for the U-M community.


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