Restricting senders MCommunity Groups (formerly known as moderation)




Restricting who can send email to an MCommunity group (formerly known as moderation/moderators)


Some MCommunity groups can be emailed by anyone.  Other groups restrict who is permitted to send email to the group.

A. To restrict who can send email to the group:

  1. Log in to the MCommunity Directory and view the group profile of the group you want to be moderated
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Choose one or more of the following options under Restrict who can send messages to this group :
    • Members (includes all UMICH and external members)
    • Anyone with an address (includes
    • Other Permitted Senders -- add the exact email address.  Adding a address will include the address
      • If you add the email address of a group it will NOT allow members of the group to be permitted senders.  The sender MUST be the exact email address.  
      • You *can* add the email address of a shared U-M Google account, but only messages sent when an individual logs into the Google shared account directly with its individual password will be permitted.  You cannot use delegation or send while logged in with your uniqname.

B. To allow anyone to send email to the group, UNcheck Members and Anyone with an address and remove all Other Permitted Senders.

C. Owners can also choose what happens to messages that are not permitted under group rules to be delivered to members.

  1. To have unpermitted messages bounce to the sender (default):  no values under Who receives messages from an unpermitted sender.
  2. To send unpermitted messages to specific address, add them under Who receives messages from an unpermitted sender.  The message will be sent to the email addresses specified, include [Disallowed] in the subject and be prefaced with language explaining the message was NOT sent to all members.

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