Moderated MCommunity Groups




Moderation of an MCommunity Group


In a moderated MCommunity group, messages sent to the group are received by the moderator, a person who takes responsibility for screening the messages. The moderator decides whether the message is appropriate and, if it is, forwards it on to the group.

To make a group moderated, designate one or more moderators:

  1. Log in to the MCommunity Directory and view the group profile of the group you want to be moderated
  2. On the Group Members page, click the Moderator checkbox (shaped like a shield) next to a person's name to make that person a moderator
    1. If the person is not already a member of the group, add them on the Add Members page. See Add and Remove MCommunity Group Members, Owners, and Moderators. In most cases, you should add them as both a member and a moderator. That way they will be able to verify that group members have received the messages they send on
    2. Individuals in a subgroup are not made moderators if you check the moderator box next to the subgroup email address. Subgroups can only be used as a moderator if:
      • The subgroup email is a shared U-M Google account
      • Individuals send directly from the shared account and not as a delegate of it
  3. The group owner can serve as moderator or can designate one or more moderators
    1. Be sure to get a group member's permission before designating them as moderator
    2. If the group has more than one moderator, each of them will receive copies of the messages that are addressed to the group
    3. The moderators will have to agree on how they will handle the incoming messages and who will be responsible for forwarding them to the rest of the group
Note: The moderator will not receive notification that messages are not going to the group. The moderator must remember that any mail they receive that is addressed to the group from someone other than a moderator has only been delivered to the moderator. This means that the moderator must be careful to review the To and From line of all received messages. The group will not receive any messages that are sent to the group unless the moderator sends them on.

Important! Moderation interacts with the email delivery setting of who can send mail to the group:

  • Moderated + Anyone can send mail to group = All messages go through moderator
  • Moderated + Only members can send mail to group = Messages from non-members go through moderator; messages from members go directly to group

Additional Information

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