Determining Ownership of Files in Box


U-M Box


How do I know who owns a file/folder in Box?


Files in U-M Box are owned by the individual who created the top-level folder. Being a Co-owner on a file in Box does not mean actual ownership of the file. To determine ownership of a file in U-M Box:

  1. Go to and log in via U-M Weblogin
  2. Click on any shared folder in your All Files view. (Shared folders are blue.)
  3. Find the Owner in the right-side column under Sharing

Screenshot of right-hand column showing ownership under the word Sharing. The top account (ITS Infrastructure Performa...) is highlighted in red and has the word Owner under it..

Additional Information

In the example screenshot above, the Owner is a U-M Box Shared Account. For more information, see Determine if Your Data Is in a U-M Box Shared Account or a Shared Folder.

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