Apply for a License to Allow Dial-in for a Microsoft Teams Meeting


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I want people to call into my meetings in Microsoft Teams. How do I get the dial-in number?


You will need to grant yourself a special license by joining the Microsoft Licensing - Teams Telephony MCommunity group (i.e., log in to MCommunity, then click Join Group in the upper left).

Note: Only those eligible for a U-M Microsoft Teams account will be granted a license by joining the group. This includes active faculty, staff, students, and Type-1 sponsored affiliates.

Keep in mind the following:

  • The audio conferencing license will provide attendees of your Teams audio and video conference meetings (including yourself) the option to call in to the meeting through a provided telephone number (not toll-free).
  • The person who wants to call in to the meeting does not need an audio conferencing license; only you (the host) need the license.
  • This license does not give you the ability to call into meetings you do not host. The host of a meeting must have this license in order to allow users to call in.
  • This license does not allow for you to call out to phone numbers from your video conference meeting. That feature is not currently offered in U-M Microsoft Teams.
  • Within an hour after joining the group, a license will be applied to your U-M Teams account. You will receive an email from Microsoft with the subject, “You now have Audio Conferencing for Microsoft Teams” and a confirmation and PIN that you must save which acts as your host key if you dial in to your own meeting.
  • After you have an audio conferencing license, when you schedule new Teams meetings using Google Calendar, the Google Calendar invitation will include a provided telephone number (not toll-free) automatically.
    Google Calendar screenshot: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting, (US) +1 906-256-0519 (toll)

Additional Information

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