Primary Investigator (PI) or SAPOC




What is a PI or SAPOC? Does a PI or SAPOC get automatic access to grants in MReports?


  • PI means Primary Investigator, the person who is responsible for the management of the Grant
  • SAPOC is the Single Administrative Point of Contact

Does a PI or SAPOC get automatic access to grants in MReports?

  • Yes to the Research tab when the project grant is a sponsored project
  • Yes to the Fin Mgmt tab when the project grant is a non-sponsored project
  • Access to other tabs or reports, please fill out the OARS access form
  • Access is automatically granted based on a user's credentials for the role of Primary Investigator (PI) or SAPOC

Additional Information

For issues accessing the OARS form, please see:

If you need additional information or assistance, please contact the ITS Service Center.


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