Archiving MRequest Content


MRequest, Dropbox


How do I get information about archiving MRequest content such as the archive plan and the length of time the archive content will be kept?


  • ITS will archive MRequest workspace content (tickets, attachment, database tables) to a Dropbox at U-M Team folder (Dropbox at U-M).
    • Under this Team folder, there will be one Dropbox folder per MRequest workspace that will contain subfolders containing: (1) CSV and/or full text exports of tickets; (2) attachments that are referenced from ticket information; (3) dumps of mysql database tables.
    • The Dropbox Team folder will be available for reference until June 2022. Those requiring longer term archive can copy their content from the Dropbox Team folder to other storage options prior to that date.


  • MRequest workspaces will continue to be available in view only mode until June 2022
  • Workspace administrators can export tickets and attachment content from their  MRequest workspace(s) in CSV format. ITS can provide instructions for exporting workspace content in CSV format to interested administrators

Additional Information

Referencing Archived Attachments: The archived information for each ticket will include information to reference the Dropbox folder holding its associated attachments.


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