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MRequest, Dropbox


Availability of MRequest archives


  • ITS provided archives only for workspaces which specifically requested them. These archives were placed in unit-specific Dropbox team folders.
    • Under this Team folder, there will be one Dropbox folder per MRequest workspace that will contain subfolders containing: (1) CSV and/or full text exports of tickets; (2) attachments that are referenced from ticket information; (3) dumps of mysql database tables
    • See for documentation on using the archives
    • After June 30, 2022, the data on the MRequest servers was securely destroyed
      • Any data shared in Dropbox archives was turned over to unit IT contacts if they have been requested by the unit. Please contact your unit for access to your archives, if they were requested.
      • ITS teams that requested archives were asked to transfer their data to Team Folders they controlled. They no longer have access to the ITS-managed archives. They should contact their team leads for access to the archives
      • Since the MRequest servers and data no longer exist, no more data can be produced for MRequest

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