Not Receiving Emails from Zoom

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I am not receiving emails from Zoom that I should be receiving, such as an account invitation email, webinar panelist invitation, etc.


If an email fails to send to a Zoom user once (including if the user marks it as spam, or it is filtered into their spam folder for any reason--this counts as a failure), Zoom blocks emails to the user for 7 days to avoid more failures.

In order to have this block removed, follow these steps:

  1. Submit a ticket to Zoom (,, Zoom Support chat, or Zoom Support by phone)
  2. In the email, request to have your email address unblocked and specify what your email address is
  3. In the email, make sure to copy/paste the below message EXACTLY as it is into your email. This is purely to ensure that a human looks at your ticket and it is not auto-closed--this issue is actually NOT related to the referenced ticket.
    Please see internal Zoom information about this issue in ticket #9775451.

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