eRPM: Manage Department Information & Review Access in eResearch Proposal Management


eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM)


Manage Department information review access in eResearch Proposal Management


Refer to the eResearch Proposal Management step-by-step procedure: Manage Department Information Review Access, Email Notifications, and Contacts for Proposal Questions.

Additional Information

  • Only ITS eResearch can manage Dept Unit Liaisons
  • Service Center can view Department set up by clicking Dept Info link at the top of the eRPM page and searching by Dept Name or ID
  • The Unit Liaison(s) can edit all dept sections below Unit Liaison. Once you get past Reviewers who can sign, anyone else in the list can add additional people to their list or lists below (i.e. a Reviewer cannot modify a Reviewer Who Can Sign list, but they can manage the Reviewer list and all the notification lists below it).


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