U-M Box: Using File Request


U-M Box


Using File Request to get content.


To create a basic File Request form

  1. In your Box account, navigate to the folder that you want to contain the uploaded files
  2. Do one of the following:
    • In the Details pane on the right, under File Request, click Create Link
    • Click the ellipsis () to display the More Options menu, and then click File Request.
  3. The File Request window opens, displaying a link you will send to people to request their content.  If the link is not already enabled, click to move the Link is Enabled slider to the right
  4. Click Edit. The Submit Files window opens, displaying a default title and upload zone.  This is where you begin building your Web form
  5. At the top of the form, enter your title
    • Make the title clear and unique, to help the people submitting content quickly understand what you’re asking them to provide
    • The default title is "Submit Files,” which you can keep if you like
  6. Optionally, add a sentence or two describing the content you are soliciting, and perhaps any instructions you wish to provide

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