Creating a Change Record in TeamDynamix




Creating a change ticket


  1. Log in to TDNext 
    1. Go to, and click on Users
  2. On your TeamDynamix desktop, click ITS Tickets
  3. Click +New and choose Change Form from the drop-down menu
  4. Fill in the form. For help, click the question marks (?) in the fields
    1. Be sure to select the appropriate change type for the risk level of the change. Coordinate this with your own support team if needed. Refer to the knowledge article "Overview of Change Management/Change Enablement" for more information about change types
    2. Select the appropriate impact. Refer to the knowledge article "Explanations of Impact, Urgency and Priority in TeamDynamix" for guidelines on selecting values for the Impact field
    3. Select the service as the Asset/CI. When searching for the Asset/CI, the system identifies the Requestor's asset, and you need to clear that asset before performing a larger search for assets. So once you remove the user from the asset filtering, you can find the service to select as the Asset/CI.    
  5. Click Save
  6. In order to specify the timing of the change and to schedule the change, you also need to create a maintenance activity. From within the change record, click +Add, then select Maintenance Activity and complete the required fields. 

Additional Information

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