Using "New Quizzes" Feature in Canvas




How do I use "New Quizzes" feature in Canvas?


The "New Quizzes" feature in Canvas is an updated tool for creating assessments and migrating existing Canvas Quizzes. It is available to any course, but it must be enabled by the instructor.

To enable New Quizzes:

  • Open the course site in Canvas
  • Choose Settings from the course navigation menu
  • Choose the "Feature options" tab
  • On the row labeled "New Quizzes" click the toggle button so that it is green and displays a check mark (✅)
  • With New Quizzes now enabled, clicking the "+Quiz" button on the Quizzes page will prompt the instructor to "Choose a Quiz Engine", offering both Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes.

Note: Classic Quizzes are recommended for creating quizes that are to be graded with SpeedGrader. The published feature comparison indicates that the New Quizzes feature does not support "Grade One Question at a Time (SpeedGrader)".

Additional Information

For a comparison of New Quizzes vs. Classic Quizzes, see 

The New Quizzes FAQ is at


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