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What is the security section of the Meeting toolbar and how do I use it to secure my Zoom Meetings?


The Host or Co-Host(s) of a Zoom Meeting can access the Security option by clicking the Security icon on the toolbar in a Zoom Meeting:
Image of Zoom dropdown toolbar with Meeting Security options as listed in text in this article

  • Lock Meeting: prevent anyone from joining the Zoom Meeting who is not already in it. Recommended to prevent uninvited guests if all attendees have already joined.
  • Enable Waiting Room: even if a Waiting Room was not set on your meeting, you can turn it on and off throughout the meeting. The Waiting Room will use your default Waiting Room settings as configured at https://umich.zoom.us/profile/setting. Using a Waiting Room places participants in a waiting room when they attempt to join the meeting, requiring a host or co-host to admit them. Waiting Rooms are very effective at controlling who to allow in your meeting, but can be overwhelming if there are many participants attempting to join at once.
  • Allow participants to share screen:
    • If checked, any participant can share their screen.
    • If unchecked, only the host or co-host can share their screen.
  • Allow participants to chat:
    • If checked, any participant can send a chat to participants.
    • If unchecked, only the host or co-host can send a chat to participants.
  • Allow participants to rename themselves: prevent participants from changing the display name that shows in the Meeting; effective if participants changing their display names is inappropriate or disruptive
    • Some participants may be interested in permanently changing their display name to a preferred name or to include their pronouns. Zoom pulls display names directly from a user's U-M preferred name - learn how to change your preferred name.
  • Allow participants to unmute themselves:
    • If unchecked, a host or co-host can mute a participant, but that participant can unmute themself whenever they choose.
    • If checked, a host or co-host can mute a participant, and that participant cannot unmute themself until a host or co-host unmutes them. This option is effective when someone is presenting, such as a course lecture, to prevent interruptions, and can be unchecked after the presentation to allow for discussion.

Additional Information

Note: if your options in the Security section look different, you may be using a different version of the Zoom client than the one reflected in this article. The Security section is a new feature from Zoom that is being actively improved, so frequent changes are to be expected.


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