What is Logged for Canvas Quizzes? What Can be Logged?


Canvas Quizzes


Details the data logged when students complete quizzes in Canvas


A full explanation on how to use the Canvas quiz log can be found in this Canvas-provided documentation:


This documentation contains screenshots and how-to information for interpreting quiz log entries.

Points to note

  • The Canvas quiz log does not track student activity in other programs or other activity in a browser
  • There is a status noted in the quiz log called: “Stopped viewing the Canvas quiz-taking page”. Events that can trigger this status include a lapse of over 30 seconds in activity – including navigating to another page in Canvas – or a lapse of over 15 seconds due to changing the focus of activity to another browser tab or program. When either of these events occurs and is classified with this status, there is no capture in the Canvas quiz log of what specific activity occurred, such as launches or accesses of programs, or URLs of websites accessed
  • Users' page views of Canvas content are captured in a page view log. More information on the page view log can be found in this Canvas-provided documentation: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10818-421473702
  • The page view log is maintained separately from the quiz log and is not accessible to most instructors directly; access is limited to Canvas users that have an admin-level role
  • Instructors can submit a request to be provided with an extract and interpretation of a user’s page view logs. Logs that are provided to instructors are generally limited to the user’s page views of course content in that instructor’s course site
  • Page view logs only show access to Canvas content and do not track Canvas user activity in other programs or other browser tabs
  • Page view logs can be used to determine if a user accessed other Canvas content while taking a Canvas quiz. For instance, if a user opened a new browser tab or accessed Canvas via the Canvas mobile app while taking a quiz, views of Canvas content that may have occurred should be visible in the Canvas page view log

Additional Information

Individual units may contract with third parties that utilize data collection and proctoring capabilities that capture student activity. The above statements do not speak to any of these situations and are limited only to Canvas native functionality.

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