Renew Expired Directory Group in MCommunity




You received an email that your MCommunity group needs renewing and you need help 

-- OR --

Mail sent to a group is bouncing because the group has expired and the group needs renewing


Note: Only Group Owners are able to renew their groups in the MCommunity Directory.



  • Log in to MCommunity (
  • Click My Groups in the upper right hand corner
  • Find the Group name that needs renewing
    • Click the Renew Group icon at the side of the group list
          Click the Group entry
      • Click the Renew Group button at the top of the page

You can renew groups at any time, even before they are due to expire, by following the steps above.


Additional Information

You may need to use a different browser if the Group renewal does not complete successfully.


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Mon 4/20/20 8:05 AM