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Determining storage limits for UM Google Email and Drive


Google has announced upcoming changes to their storage policy in Google Workspace for Education domains. This does affect U-M Google, however, we are still researching exactly how this will affect the university. Once we have further evaluated these changes, we will communicate in a timely manner to campus what steps need to be taken when changes are finalized here at U-M.

Currently at the University of Michigan for U-M Google users:

  • There is unlimited storage for Google at U-M Mail.
  • There is unlimited storage space for Google at U-M Drive.
    • Only 5TB can be uploaded at a time into Drive.
  • Students, Faculty/Staff, Retiree and Alumni all have the same amount of storage.
  • There is a limit of 25Mbs for an attachment.


Additional Information

For more information, see the Google at U-M web site:


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